Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Right or Wrong?

Happy Boxing day!
Boxing day= shopping day...but it's irrelevant to me anyway.

Today's topic...Who, and What defines right or wrong?

When things involve emotions/ human..everything will be far more complicated.
We don't get misunderstanding so often last time don't we?

I got confused, a lot of times. When I say something, i have to think twice, whether I'm being too arrogant saying so. When I want to offer to help on something, I might seems to be very lansi.

I did something, or said something seemingly odd to you, it'll look like I did it on purpose.

Maybe I used to ask some random questions, and might offend you or irritate you in some ways.
But think, we used to have random talks like this.

And now I don't know what to talk to anymore.

I guess we had awesome party last night. Looking at your happy face, since when we have had fun like that? I realize our interaction are quite different, priviledge?

I'm grateful for the great people who came last night, it turn out to be a much merry Christmas than I expected.

Grateful for the gift I received, such a bless.

I've been wanting the tumbler for quite sometime, knowing me well, I won't spend that kind of money on a tumbler, and the gourmet instant coffee. Thanks so much.

I had dejavu with Crabtree & Evelyn, been seeing that brand times and times during Xmas, finally I got the hand cream for gift!

Gotten myself a pinky ring as well. Get it ? get it?
Made a wrong gesture turn out to be another misunderstand again, but it's ok, It's fine... I wanted to do that not to victimize myself.

Despite how much I dislike this year, it's coming to an end, and I felt heavyhearted saying goodbye to 2012.
We shall farewell to the bad things happened this year, all the tragedy and sadness, tears and grief. Regrets and wasted effort, most importantly; my first love.

What awaits me, is a new life.

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