Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

I guess there's nothing more suitable than this title. So  first of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Sometimes when you are not meant to be doing something, don't do it.
It doesn't suit u at all.

I tried to drink, but only half a normal glass of wine i can take in, and I find world map is across my body.

Dizzy, tired, vomit sensation, worst ever.

Woke up middle of the night after dream of the apple cheek,  saw some happy faces still drinking.

Why can't I be one of these? Loser.

I guess you can only do this when there's no me.

As much as I want to get drunk too, I just can't, I'm useless.


Do you know some people will give you some kind of look, which you think you're the most idiot stupid dumb ass in the world look? Like you're the ugliest person in the planet?

I think I am really a farking dumb ass, and I do feel ugly too. I'm nothing, nothing compare to anyone of you.

More work to do after checking email, tomorrow is my judgement day.

He keep asking me , 'think about it.'

My mind is so occupied I have nothing left for work, how sad it is. My bread and butter, and I can't even do a good / average job for it.

What is going to be my destiny?

All I want for Christmas, is a meaningful life.

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