Friday, December 28, 2012

Hello from Cameron Highland!

Whenever my mind is blank, I can't help but flash back all the memories, everything is like a slide show, like a video playback.

We shared quite some fun memories here, including finding elephant middle of the night :)
Triple date with the others, and we had some really good time and good pictures.

My brain is basically filled with useless things like this.

I still can't understand at times, how can one easily change?
We still talked about love not long ago, and now just merely past tense.
How drastic life can be?

Guess love is just something so worthless, that time can divert love so easily.
I used to not believe it in, then you make me believe it, and now I doubted it.

It's a funny world with funny people. Tomato cheeks again in my mind.
I wasn't the right one from the beginning am I?


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