Friday, December 28, 2012


I just back tracked, the last time I was here with the whole family was 6 years back.
6 years...

The most recent one was just this year, with you and the rest of the happy gang.

I don't like the feeling of still thinking about work when I'm here with family, and I can't enjoy much.
And the fact is, something else is so full in my mind, and yet so empty.

6 years ago
Want to reach out to something, but I can never reach. Is not like I worked hard enough I can gain something. Something is beyond reach.

People have been kind to me, but why am I so restless to bother about the rest of the world?

I have some very important issue to think, think think...why am I so occupied by things I 'm not suppose to think anymore?

There's a hole inside, wanting something to filled, which will never come.

Let it be, the pain and the hole is to remind me, I'm still alive, can feel the pain, can see things clearly, can realize very much later this is the best thing happen to me.

Love, why are you so hard to find, and so easy to slip away?

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