Monday, December 17, 2012


What would you do, if you know storm is hitting you?

You can see it coming, like dooms day, you know the symptoms. Irregular storms, abnormal weather, climate change. But there's just so little mankind can do.

What about yourself?

I saw storm coming, and few months ago I changed my whatsapp status, 'Time is ticking'.
I knew, I fight, I fought, I tried, I lost, I cried, I move on.

I'm not saying I have the best solution, I did the right thing. Many things I did were wrong, but at least I tried to fix things, before it gone even worse.


Many of us today, don't know what we are fighting for. Me too.

I had my house, and it's not exactly like I'm expected. Colder than I thought.

Look at our previous generation, which one of our seniors make changes regularly? Our last time when we don't have so much technology and people are not as corrupted, things were good.

They can stay in the same job for 10, 20 years and still doing good, raise a whole family without starving. And they don't complain much. Things are meant to be obey, rules are made to follow.

People change now, everything changed.

What you have in your mind?


You are much fearless than you though you are, you dare to make a move like you did.
Again, it's a weighing game. I realize there's no such thing as 'not free', 'no time', 'busy'.
It's how you prioritize things. If you think that work is more important than a date, of course you will go for work.

If you think your family come first, you won't have excuse to skip family dinner and do other things, simple as that.

When people told you 'I'm busy', it's merely because you're not the priority.

If there's so much reasons/ reason you need to stay, you will stay, if that's your priority.

Just random thoughts.

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