Thursday, November 1, 2012

Old pictures

I don't usually post picture. The other half normally is the enthusiast one who will post whatever to FB, now I kinda appreciate he did that, because that mark my life, at least somewhere in the virtual world, there's my foot print.

Nowadays we don't post much, partly my fault for being so mean to you. But thank you for tagging me all along.

In Heidelberg. We climb to the top of the hill and saw the most breath taking scenery in my life. Most memorable sunset ever.

Creative way of taking picture, in Paris outside 凡尔赛宫。I like this picture a lot.

Edinburgh. Didn't notice about this picture before looking back all the pics. Nice shot!
Liverpool dream. walk on!
The annual birthday surprise :) So much love!
The beginning of the dream.
Green green grass. Outside the first Cathedral I 've ever been to. I can remember the surreal moment and the peaceful feeling.
The nerd, the boy, and the big brother.

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