Monday, November 19, 2012



You know clearly, there's nothing left.
The road of pain is the only way out, the only solution to rise from the dark.

It's been very long time I haven't sleep so soundly, event though I woke up a few times to cover myself with blanket.

I can dream even, dream of something funny and I can't remembered.
Alarm clock rang timely at 6.15am.

Reluctantly I woke up, and snooze my alarm. For 1 good hour...keep snoozing.

Turn my body around and do my usual routine, a soft rub at the back, and start massaging. So normal and intuitive. Follow by a soft groan..and I'm all awake.

Had coffee, usual half a cup of coffee to cut down my addiction. Made another full cup for you.
Made toast with frozen bread. Open up the freezer and realize everything there is for you. The bun, the bread, the icecream, and even the ice, for liquor.

Everything will be better, and better.
Will eliminate myself from your future, and vise versa.

Last time I don't believe in being friend after break up, but now I do hope we still can be, you're the most important person in my life, at least you still do. At least before you found someone else.

There's too much memories we shared, and too many places we spent our time at. Especially on Sunny Sunday after noon, just lying on the bed doing nothing, is a bliss.

This could be the best thing happened to me, I'll take this as my life lesson, and carry on with this boring life.

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