Monday, November 5, 2012

A chance

Gonna put myself back together, in one.

Great people been telling me stories, encouragement and good advice, as a human being. They been through life, and I am just seeing one small corner of the sky, didn't notice there's a lot more out there. Morale of all stories tell us we have to follow the wise one. So I shall.

Been having a really really bad cough since 2-3 months back. The situation is on and off, and recently the condition is worsen.

I can wake up from sleep coughing, the next thing I know I'll tear all over my face because of the cough. Last night I even have a vomit sensation coughing, I can feel the beer I had last night went up to my throat, and I pushed them all down because I don't want to wipe my puke.

I always though I'm tough, but deep inside I'm vulnerable, just like the cough. It attacked me in the night, when I'm harmless, armless and fragile. The coughing sensation will strike through me. Next thing I know is bad cough and tearing. For that split second, I wish there's a thick , meaty hand to tap on my back, and offer me some warm water or warm hug. Then tug me in to sleep.

Sleeping issue never got better too. I'm extremely tired, but I just can't sleep, a quality sleep. Woke up earlier before my alarm rang. This is so wrong, because I still late for work every freaking day.

Seems like it's gonna rain again now. When will the storm stop?

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