Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A U-turn

One U-turn yesterday morning, have changed my life.

Probably this is what I can foresee already, not a happy ending, but is a best ending.

All of sudden, everything surround me have become meaningless. My world shattered into pieces, and I'm trying to figure out which are the original pieces. Probably the original pieces are long gone, they are never exist. I mold myself to other people's life, be it friends, family or lover.

Finally, on the last day, on the bed we shared dreams and tears, I know how you feel for 4 damn years. We never been this frank and clean to each other, I glad we did, once.

The pinching pain still lingers, my eyes are sore, heart bleeding and mind fucked.
But I feel alive, everything I hold on for so long, suddenly they are not matter to me anymore, her existence doesn't matter to me anymore, and I have no right to question now.

If I knew this is happening so soon, I really wish I asked for a tangible object for our big 4, not a bitter-sweet experience. But thanks for that, I really did enjoyed for the 2 hours.

Thank you for the memories.

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