Wednesday, November 28, 2012


昨天自言自语一番, 就了无生趣地坐在床上,我很不喜欢的床上。

I was chatting with a friend on a 2 hours jam yesterday. She tried to interest me with movies, variety shows, songs, outings, social...I told her..

I lost interest in everything now, not even shopping, music, songs, movies I used to love.
Best thing is I'm phobia to Korean stuff. 

It's kinda kua zheong I know, but only when it hit me only I knew the impact is so big.
Now I start to pick up some of the 'interest'...tried watching anime which is brainless and supposedly hilarious, I can't continue for long as well.

Tried to have conversations, but I can't start. Probably minimizing it will help.


The same scenery, different feeling, different people.

It'll be the rainbow after the storm. I'll wait for you rainbow.

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