Monday, November 26, 2012

Get up and Try. no more

It reaches limit I know, and I'm limitless?

Today is the day I promised myself, to walk over the dead bodies and find new aims.
Though of some contingency plans to stop myself from thinking, hope they works.

TV seems to be the most boring object in my house, I wonder I should just terminate the subscriptions, it's purpose-less now. Other than expired Outsourced and Super Funny Show.

I missed them, so much, my dear parents.
No one in the world can beat their love to me. Looking into my Mom's eyes, I know she feel for me, but she's so understanding didn't ask me much. Just give me support I need and the home cook food I missed the most.

This is a crazy world isn't it. For some reason, I do believe in the doomsday, and I can feel that it's near.

Pardon me for some accidental crazy statement. If my concerns are too overwhelmed.
People do fall out of love, some can do it easily, some can't. I take time, but I'll definitely get over.

20 days ago in the room of pain, you've decided to put everything on haul, I know there's no way back. I'll buck up and get a new life. Fall out of love, learn to love myself, walk straight with long lost pride and confident. I can do it.

Sickness and sorrows attacking me. Holding on for so long, finally I fell sick.
I knew it's brewing inside my body, when it explodes, everything attacking me so strong. I feel vulnerable and helpless.

Didn't manage to sleep while you're away. After taking pills yesterday, manage to get some sleep, when you're home. Maybe subconsciously some habit can't being erased just with a snap. The insecurities without you is still affecting me. Again, I will get over it.

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