Sunday, November 18, 2012


There's a lot of things I wish to just wipe it off, like it never happened in my life before.

The angst, the disappointment, the negativity, the darkest period.

However I do need all these to keep me awake. Sweetness can't overcome all these, if not I will not learn to give up.

Things can't just stopped, we took 4 years to grow the trees, it takes time to kill too.

Those tiny little things happening around, reminds me of how vital you are.

If you notice, the chat list in your FB are always the people you watch out the most. There you go, your name is there at the top.

Subconsciously, I took Oreo and Sneakers for your snacks. I did promised myself I won't do that again, but it just happen naturally. Only when I realize, I did it again. Oops.

Whenever I walk passed Famous Amos, I will stop for a while, and keep walking. No more reason for me to buy cookies. Things just happen.

When I checked through my phone, I will open up your message, and pick a few to read. Can't make sense of my action, but that's habit.

I said you were nearly my recognize partner for life. You said I'm already was.

I'm gonna hold myself and love the person you once loved. 

Had a most carefree trip last few days. Basically just eat, sleep and walk. We don't share stories much, no argument (almost), just both of us.

This remind me of our times in UK, in EU... in the places we leave our footprints.

First time in my life, sitting at the beach with you. Resting, thinking about the past and blurry future.

First time in my  life, holding your hands, walking to a breathtaking scenery of sunset. Just both of us. Things made whole lot easier when there's just 2 person isn't it?

Having breakfast together seems like the most natural and comfortable thing to do. One of the reason I like having breakfast with you is the satisfaction on your face after the meal. A good breakfast normally kick start a great day. Like how you used to come all the way to my place to have McD.

We walk, share drinks, share food, massage, watch football, beers and good food... life is great, even better with you.
No need to be afraid. I know it before we start our journey, that this will be the end of everything.

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