Saturday, January 5, 2013

Work on Sunday, SUCKS.

Woke up in the morning afternoon by a phone call from we go again, this is just a start for traveling, more to come.

He asked me in the airport, can you see yourself traveling frequent?
'Last time I can't, now I can.'

I can sense that he's planning to get me replacing him in BKK so he can fly to more countries.

True enough, I'm flying again this Thursday- Saturday.

Seriously, Saturday?
OK, not to be too sadist, the last flight is good, at least they serve hot towel, hot meal with dessert and blanket. Thank you. 

Waken by not a very good wake up call, that's why I'm feeling rather empty now?

Sitting here at my dining table, can't find a slight semangat to make breakfast / lunch for myself.

I used to be very excited to have my own kitchen, cook whatever I like.
But having it and practicing it is different thing.

I realize my motivation of cooking is never my own stomach, get it?

Whatever it is, it's good to have so much thing spinning in my head. Whatever my boss told me stirred my mind. At least it have to keep moving, I need to get rid of the rust.

For whatever reason, whether he don't have anymore candidate, or he really wants me to be there and take over some task. I have to, no choice but have to be THERE, where he sees me.

Utter stress, and I got shocked it's actually more than what I though he want me to do.
Good thing?

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