Thursday, January 24, 2013


Finally, taking a sip of cold water...and calm down.
Such a sucky day it was yesterday, and since today early morning I've never been properly rest, neither drink proper amount of water.

Feeling dizzy and doze off on the way back from meeting. My colleague was talking to me and I zone out.

Try not to be too negative about my losses, but I'm official 1.5k poorer. Just burn 1.5k like that, it would have become the dp of my uncertain new car, or an iPad for my dad, or something nice to myself. But they just burn like that.

Take it as a lesson to myself and never repeat again, I did this twice, got screwed up by boss and I'll never do it again. This is my new year resolution.

Had some difficulties last night, but manage to find help when I'm the most hopeless and lost.
After that I broke down again, weeping in tears and try to calm down. Sob to sleep after that.

Again, I didn't ask for more, just a normal 1 day, or maybe half a day stress-free chillout getaway.
Can anyone entertain me?


Went for a transit in Koh Samui on the way to BKK, the airport is so amazing!
The airport itself already make me feel like vacation, I will go back to that place for sure and have a good holiday.
The small airport have ponds, with lotus and well trimmed plants, trees, cabanas...very relaxing once I step in the airport.

Sadly, it was a transit, nothing more.


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