Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dog chasing over tail

I talked to a friend, and in some ways, my tone might offended him, and that was my darkest period.
Ever since when I tried to talk to him, he'll bring this up again. Cycle and cycle, never get tired of this. And initially that was a JOKE.
There's once I talked about something random, and suddenly he get all offended and ask me not to bring this up again. In angry tone. I didn't even do anything wrong, why?

So , you're dancing cha cha with me people?

The things that you need to work hard for, are the things you'll treasure the most. I realize that.

I don't know why I need to do this, to keep pacifying mankind who never do me any good. Since young. Like me keep talking to him, but he keep dancing cha cha with me.

The one who bullied me the most, is the one I though is 'best friend'. The friend who always ask me to do things, I'll always do for them after scolding and complaining.
The best friend during my secondary school time, is the one I always buy expensive gift for, I still do now. And I end up having a major 'break up' with her.

Poeple who don't want me to get near them, I will naturally want to be there with them.
I shall make a conclusion. I just enjoy the feeling when there's someone needing me.

Something mean came out from my chat box. 'I won't meet up with you first, still emo at you.'
hmm...What happened?
Fine, really.

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