Friday, January 25, 2013


Airport art
Do you know, when you get rid of something bad, good things will happen?
Ironically, due to my personality and character last time, I got lots of criticism for being cocky and arrogant.
Then, I toned down recently, or should I say I lost all the spirit recently, but still I don't get compliment?

Saw many posts about traffic jam today, somehow I stuck in Bangkok jam as well, but not as bad as PJ. But I do miss home, the Friday mood, the happy hour, the chit chat, the bed, my dying flowers, the room of pain.


It's Saturday tomorrow, gonna be a tourist and walk around town. Siam Paragon? or Terminal 21?
I realize the people in the town center is not that naive and kind, compare to Bangna. Taxi driver in the town will rip you off, tuk tuk will rip you off, traffic is horrible.
When I walked back home today, it's the first time I felt danger since I came here for couple of times.
Luckily, I'm here in one piece.

Maybe my colleague is my lucky charm as well, she protect me from being rip off, that's why I only see the good side of the city.


I know I've made mistake, especially during this period of time, and he have absolute reason to be angry.
Human can't make mistake?

Or just admit it, no one is perfect like you...high and mighty.
I always notice great and successful people dont sleep and rest. I particularly need these.
Need chill, need friend, need to talk, need a shelter, need to rest, need to stretch myself, need a peace of mind.


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