Thursday, January 3, 2013

One step closer

My colleague told me this yesterday:
'OK' I said.
'Come on Weisin, people said OK just because they run out of things to say.'

Wake up call, this is the true meaning of excessive OK.

Well, gonna step foot back to Malaysia today. These few days I though I will have quite some alone time, but I still sleep late everyday, woke up with a panda eyes.

Good thing is I discovered a nice massage place in Bangna, they have branches too in different place, We shall go and have a try, bitches :)

Bought some beers and some snacks for present yesterday. It's too heavy and I can't carry them to buy food. So I buy food (11pm dinner), and walk back to the store, and carry my stuff.

Thai people are generally quite helpful :)

I wished I can come with someone on my next trip (not the boss...), so I can have company to go to the town. Colleague maybe?

Heard from the local that Bangkok is not very safe nowadays. I guess crime happens everywhere, other than Singapore :)

She told me that Thai people believe 25 years old is not a good year. That's why she don't learn to drive until she's pass 25 years old. Superstitious you can say, but as far as I can see, quite sucks for lots of people this year.

And I realize mine start sucky when I just turn to 25...whatever it is, please don't haunt me anymore.
I just want to live a good life.
Maybe I should go to the fortune teller, or start telling this to Jesus? 

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