Thursday, January 17, 2013


Memories frozen in time. 5 senses will remind you of the oldest memories.
Rethink back a lot of things, I give myself a B+ for what I've did. I didn't strike perfect, but I give all I can, the best I can.  

It's soaring pain, when you can only expect 2 letters answers from the person you once shared dreams with.

Maybe at one point I'm not quite welcome, for trying to create conversation. So anyone can teach me how the normal way should be?

It's very predictable.


Someone asked me 'why are you saying yourself is disposable'
He terasa...yes, thanks to you as well, I'm even worst than disposable.
I'm like a sanitary pad for you, the used one.

When you are no longer clean, fluffy and absorb-able, with blood stain, it's time to dispose.
Laugh at me.

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