Wednesday, January 2, 2013


This room is seriously COLD....i switch the air cond to 26 and still....COLD...

So...have quite a hectic day, went through my slides times and times and times.
Overall Bangkok so far is a nice place, at least I can adapt to it. People like to smile and helpful.

It's better to venture around, with friends, with friend.

I haven't step my feet to town yet, but I think will be quite cool.


Switch on the TV, keep switching channels times and times. Thailand have seriously a lot of channels, and I just keep switching it.

I think I will make a few more trips here this month, until the launch at the month end.
Hopefully can get a good night sleep tonight. Blanket oh blanket...

Felt like a noob, total noob.
Pure angst there is.

I had a moment of alone time in the toilet today.
Reminded myself some really random stuff.

The day after the split. You called, and my heart sank, and I give you some time to rethink what you want.
I really think we won't end up like this. But at night everything changed. The happiness and relief in your eyes, told me that everything is changed.

It's the best thing happening, reinforcing myself.
We aim to please. Whatever before us which stopping us from moving forward, we don't need to suffer anymore.

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