Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2 sided

Things always have two sided. When you always think you are right in this way, try rethink, maybe you're ALSO right in the opposite way.

Just 'zen'ed this out recently.

For example, you're been using this road for your entire life to work, who knows the longer road is also better? Faster, safer, smoother?

Like what you been thinking is the things you dislike, when the days goes by, only you realize, you don't hate it, and you are actually liking it.

Paradigm shift, from one of the book I read.

I actually like the things I used to think I dislike. When I don't have the chance to do it, only I realize I don't like to do certain things, but the feeling of in need and the satisfaction is something I yearn for.

Human is a funny creature.

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