Sunday, January 27, 2013


Been torturing myself these few days, even weekend.
I sleep really really late, hope to wake up late the next day. But I woke up at 7 freaking am.
And then trying very hard to get back to sleep, turn from side to side, counting sheep. End up thinking about non sense.

Then had bad dream... dreamed that my bonus is less than 1.5 k. Suck ass.

Things keep spinning in my head. Insecurity, anyone can replace me, who needs me then?
I got to be irreplaceable, at least to someone, someone who won't dispose me.

Weir Dreams Compilation

I really had some weird dreams here.
Yesterday after knowing Liverpool lost in the match, I dreamed that Gerrard and the rest of the members slept over in my house (don't ask me why).
The were extremely upset, and I tried to comfort them. But at the same time, I asked for picture together with Gerrard.

God knows why, he need to pray before taking picture (ROFL)
I waited anxiously for the photo, but after the prayer something came up.

You were in another house and I ask  you to come over. And I show you aroudn the rooms they slept in.
Some of them share rooms, with single bed...(ROFL)
Then we forgotten about the photo.

Am trying to rearrange their room arrangement, so no one need to share bed... and the rest of the story is not clear.

Alamak...really restless.

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