Monday, January 14, 2013

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Words are vicious at times especially when you are not rational, that's why I learn not to say anything when I'm confused with my feelings.

Feelings are complicated, I choose not the believe what I saw, so I took more than 1 month to slowly repair, rethink, reenact and relook. Of course, proven I'm wrong.

Knowing that my poisonous words are actually fatal make me very conscious in speaking. But most of the time I can expect the answers, depends on the ambiance, atmosphere and mood. When the aura is negative, I rather not ask or say anything. I hope anyone can understand, I'm not intend to piss, I aim for pleasure and please. You do too :)

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Heard so many marriage news recently...
Few extremely talented and young guys in my co is getting married too. I feel rather shock to hear that.

I always wonder when I see people getting married.
'How sure are you that this is the person you can spend the rest of your life with?'

Probably I will never found the answer, until I find one for myself. I used to think marriage is all about compatible, tolerance and trust. Love is really not everything.

Think about it. If you are so much in love with each other, but the mother don't like your BF, the father can't click with your GF, the dogs don't like your partners' smell, the girl have horrible bad habit, or extremely lazy etc...but you are 100% in love with this person.
Imagine how it will turn out after 10 years.

1) Either you give in, doing all the things and treat her like a queen. Ignore all the disagreement around you, and continue to be in love fully, live in your own world. I saw quite many example like this...
2) The other half have to give in, change. Of course, this must gone through multiple rounds of argument and fights. Morally and physically. Morally, you have to measure who matter more, family or the other half.
3) (You know what it will lead to)

But never say never :)

Saw an emo post from a friend that day in FB.
She said 'The longest distance in the world is not death apart or can't love who you loved; it's when two people who are not meant to be fell in love.'

It's very unlike her, not sure if she copied the quote from somewhere.
Feelings are complicated, there's no right and wrong, no black and white.
There's 103945482103 reason to explain the things we do, and there's 1923817237492 to reason why we tears, laugh, love and of course, split.


Another happy story from a pretty colleague that day.
After 3 years both being single, she got back together with the ex.
There's mix opinion from every one she shared with. Some with blessing, some with doubt (especially is a LDR).
Apart from that, it's still a happy news for 2013.

She's a excellent narrator of all her conversation with him.
'What are you talking about, I will never let you go.' The boy said.

My heart melts....aww...she's worth to be loved, be so loved.

Random thoughts...

Going to BKK tomorrow again, this time I felt less reluctant.
I told my mom yesterday, I have quite a strong adaptation. But I guess I will never like loneliness.
Especially when middle of the night someone is trying to open your apartment door when you are alone..

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