Saturday, January 26, 2013


自己一个人也不敢乱晃, 怕一个不小心走丢了,语言不通, 找不到回头路。
Saw a lot of Swenson here.  Feel like having ice cream but no one to share with. I don't have sweet tooth after all, just an natural response when I see things like that.

就是啊,想点餐,可是怕没有座位。 想把东西先放下再点餐,可是又担心没人看管。最后就放弃了,到一些比较熟悉的地方。 比如麦当劳。




Walked around town today, finally!
I would expect to spend whole day in town, luckily I didn't start my journey early.
I finished walking 3 malls in 3 hours time. Most of the time plain walking, the stuff in the mall are nice, fancy but not cheap. I have budget only for market stuff :P

Had a bad headache in the afternoon, because I missed my coffee today.
It had become my bad habit don't know since when. Although as much I want to cut down, the headache will remind me of the caffeine dosage.


Most of the Thai people will speak to me in Thai, few of the clients also said the same thing.
So recently I'm trying 'pretend-to-be-Thai-people' game.
Another self entertainment.

I used to buy fruits from this fruit stall in front of the apartment.
Usually he'll charge 15 bath for mango. Today I tried to pretend as Thai, using my very limited Thai and a 'I-know-what-you-sayin' face to cheat him. And he charge 10bath only.

Meaning all this while he's charging me 'foreigner' price.

And I realize if I don't have exact change for taxi, they will 'automatically' take tips for themselves.

Small money I don't mind, just a new discovery. 


Trying to get more sleep this morning, but I'm awake at 7, and force myself back to sleep.
When I'm half asleep, in my dream I'm waking you up, doing the usual routine.
Back rubbing, breakfast, newspaper, wake you up...etc.

Then only I realize I'm in thousand miles away, I don't need to do anything, just sleep.

Starting imagining the house in my sleep, the coffee aroma, the bed, the morning bird chirping, laundry, dishes, breakfast, small talk...etc.

Well well...must be too boring here.

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