Sunday, October 14, 2012

Tolerance level

Do you EVER wonder how high your tolerance can go?
I never know until NOW.

I always though my ego won't let me compromise things that I think is total wrong, however I did compromised, and keep giving in, giving way.

I know it's white lie, when  all these things are so obvious.
But I do feel safe, then you are by my side.

Told ya I want to be happy, and just happy.
Please don't do this to me will ya?

I've been there done that. You can't blind my eyes.
I know what exactly you are thinking in your head, and why the coincidence. Although I'm not seems like it, but I'm a girl too. I know, I've done all that, and I've heard enough stories.

What can I say? Waiting for the next time? And more next time?
How long can we hold on like this?

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