Thursday, October 18, 2012

Come home

Sometimes it just takes a month time to change something you so used to over years.
It's like when you discovered a really nice dress, and you look good on it, you'll stop wearing pants.

Mankind are greedy, when you have something, you will want other things as well, so am I.
I have my dreams, achieved, and yearning for more.

Want a house, but forgotten to wish for 'filled with love'
Want a career, but didn't come across wanting a 'companion'
Want to have friends, but didn't notice I don't have enough time.
Want happiness, but never get enough of happiness.

Sometimes it's good to just look at things in front of you, just whatever come to you.
Life is too short to think too much, who knows what can happen in the future? Mayan's prediction do you remember? The dooms day?

Let go, look further, open up, be normal, live happily.
And the person around me, the loved ones, all live happily.

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