Thursday, October 25, 2012


It's like a cycle, a vicious cycle hitting me times and times.
When I finally have some free time, be it free to take some air, drink water or just freeze myself, I'll have a bitter feeling lingers.

Everything I'm doing seems wrong. Work is in a mess, life is as well.
I'm enjoying every single bit of peacefulness now, who knows this is the last time I can enjoy peace.
I'm appreciating every single bit of things you've done for me, and the celebrations we had. One day these memories will stay in my mind, I hope they will be a good memory.

Somebody please teach me how can I turn back to who I used to be? My life used to be simple.
There's no sleepless night, drowsy driving and tired body at work.
It's like slashing one big part in your heart, even breathing is difficult.

What I want is just to gain back what I used to have last time, handful of confident and happiness.
If controlling brain and mind can be as easy as switching on and off. 

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