Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Last day of my favorite month

Hello 31st October!

Today is the last day of my favorite month. Looking back the days I spent in this month, not exactly happy, but memorable for sure.

If I'm given a chance, I would love to start October all over again. Without the hardship, minus the tears, without another person and just me.

When trust shaken, every moment I had with myself I'm feeling shaken as well. Hate this feeling and hate myself for being an insecure bitch.

 I'm gonna be strong, be fine, be ok, be fantastic, and SHINE!

The choice of word, the topic I talk about, the movie I watched, the things I do...everything in my life I have to think twice now. Still can't have a good sleep at night, things can be darn simple but actually hard to achieve.

It's like when you are used to using spoon to eat rice, you can't get along with chopstick, even though you know how to use chopstick.

I'll appreciate everything I have now, although I might loose them one day. Grateful is the rule of thumb.

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