Monday, October 8, 2012

Rational = coward

Happy 1 day belated birthday to myself.

I really need a Happy year. That's why so many people wishing me for happiness this time.

Happy birthday.

Officially 25. Quarter life.

I always know my tolerance level is high, didn't know is SO high, there's another baby in your life. Baby, such a lovely name. Baby.Baby.Baby..fts

I though my way of dealing with this, is rational. Is adult way. Is the best way.
Who knows I'm just being a farking coward.

I'm afraid to argue, afraid to heart break, afraid to cry, afraid to loose you.

I'm overestimating myself, and you.
Looking back, it's just an action of cowardliness. Someone is afraid, damn afraid, and choose to give in.

'My love is like ice cream in a cone, sometimes the ice cream is melting spill over the cone. But what I want is the ice cream inside the cone.'

Brilliant I would say, well said. Make everything so sensible and myself look like a dump ass accepting.

Faith and trust have been shattered all over. I want all, or nothing.

If this is the way you choose to live, I'll respect you.

I can live the same life as well, have another person to come to my life and keep me company.
Isn't this happily ever after?

Let's be it.

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