Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Looking back

Switched on my TV yesterday...ever since I subscribe the TV package, I have never sit down properly with you to watch the TV. 

Keep switching channel, and I stopped at a Jap drama.

All this while I've been heading forward blindly. Even before I know what I want, I made decisions, and only to realize what I really want. Most of the time, the thing I don't really want, I develop interest and move on.

Me being me. Realistic, not adventurous, anxious, eager to success. And somehow, all these doesn't match with you at all. I know that, and know that till today, you are still a happy dreamer, being force into a different lifestyle.

Looking back, were there fruits of hardships? Or just nothing remain the same, the success is just merely a process and illusions, without any taste victory?

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