Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Big 4!

Long weekend last week, had a most memorable weekend, the ups, downs and everything in between.

It's our 4th anniversary on Saturday, having you and BB for our anniversary is a bliss. The only thing we didn't do is a picture together. It meant so so much to me by celebrating 4th years together, who knows we can survive for so long, I feel grateful for manage to been through it. No matter what happened in the future, there's only ONE 4th anniversary with you in my entire life.

I've made myself anniversary card for both of us, it's been so long I hand made something for u. I wanted something which I can keep can treasure for long, so I made myself a card as well (knowing that you probably won't buy card) . I hope you do write me a card and I shall keep it.

There's a lot of ups and downs recently. Sometimes it's easier to said than done, forgiving and forgo things that clinging me so much. I will try, try hard to do so. Just bear in mind, if things turn sour, I would want to leave just the sweetness, and stay that way.

Happy big 4 my dear, hope you enjoyed the day!

Hearty meal in Westin Hotel. Thanks to Aunt Suzanne.

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