Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Been trying to do something good, always been in a good will. Trying to make people around me happy, trying to please everyone.

Although I might not successful a lot of times, but I have no bad intention at all.

Did something stupid today, trying to do something seemingly a goodwill, and require quite a lot of effort. But I didn't expect the response I expected.

Thinking twice, realize that people might take my help as something else, bad intention, spy intention, trying to bring him down...thinking about that sadden me.

What make a person be so defensive? I'm just a normal person, a normal friend who trying to be nice to my friend. What is wrong with that? What make trust so hard?

Another round of cold hard prove that hard work doesn't guarantee good outcome.
Maybe it's me, who always want to be in need, who constantly seeking for this satisfaction. Maybe they just want me to stay out?

I better be, I look too stupid today.

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