Monday, February 18, 2013

Manila Eyes Cream

Ahoy, Manila desu!

Reached yesterday night with hungry empty stomach, didn't dare to go out to hunt for food because there isn't any.
Can't sleep and have dizzy spinning night, weird that my body and mind is so darn tired, but still can't sleep.

Cebu Pacific Air is not as sweet as Thai airways, I know..can't compare right.
However yesterday was really...really bumpy. The plane hitting turbulent for more than 10 times I guess.
With an empty and gassy stomach, I felt really sick after that.

This morning I woke up at 6 to take breakfast, had stomachache in the afternoon in the middle of meeting.

This is so interesting, because at one side you try to take note of the meeting, another side your stomach is wrenching and you have to ....hhhooolllddd....hhoollldddd....

Do continue the story yourself when I go to the toilet and unload.

Besides that, Manila doesn't give me any special impressions. Things here are quite expensive, and I hardly see any food stall/ convenient stall nearby. I can't find any food to eat! Holy cheese!

The road is bumpy, the taxi is old, people driving dangerously, hardly find anything in good shape.
Worst is, I'm gonna have another round of Manila mania soon. Gonna come back here quite frequent until the launch.

OH MAI GAWD. Thinking about this make me dizzy.


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