Monday, March 4, 2013


Somehow when I see some people in the office I still admire them a lot.
I can see passion, professionalism, hard working, some geeky ego, and more importantly they are amazing friendly people.

That's add up and equal to a place where I can claim 'a great work space'.

Eventually everything will pass one day, the toughest day will reach the end of the tunnel one day, the sun will swipe away the gloominess of the sky, spring shall come.

However we are different person now. I know.

Few months back I told myself, tough time will pass...will pass.
4 months now my dear, thanks for the toughness and lessons. One shall grow from learning, and learning from mistakes.

A bro keep nagging me a lot of times, be more alert, be mindful, remember this, not to forget that. It's good to have a family-like person to nag about your mistakes and carelessness. I didn't realize I'm darn mindless until people keep nagging me. This makes me extra guilty if I did something wrong.

Peaceful time will come, but storm will make us grow stronger.
Somehow I got inspired by the movie 'Lincoln'. Although he used many dirty tricks, bribery, soft and hard approach to buy his votes, but it's for a better future and a right thing.

Right thing is not necessary done by doing things right.


Someone share with me an interesting idea. To feel happy can be both ways. To be happy by good things happen, or to feel happy naturally to make good things happen.

For me is chicken and egg story. It's a good idea, but how noble can one be, not affected by all shits happen around?
But it would be good if we can feel happy naturally, and good things will follow :)
Like I'm amazed by the light pink-purple sky this morning when preparing breakfast, splendid.


Once in a while I still feel the pain, to remind myself for the time had pass me and the life lesson had failed me. But she's right, it'll pass, no matter how long it takes.

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