Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Rain over me

Just feel like problems are like rain, can't stop raining over me, soak me in water and no idea when it will stop.

Who wants to listen to granny story, over and over again?
Who wants to listen to me vent about work? about something which occupying most of my time?
Who the hell who wants to share the story with me, got bullied, being the victim of beaurocracy?
Who can have the patience to listen what I want to vent out, although there's only 1 same story over and over again?

So tired mentally and feel like want to give up just like that. Whenever I see what left in my account enhanced my will.

Of course they are true. No one wants to listen to all this bullshit.

One of the reason I didn't want anymore hardship, anymore argument is because there's enough hardship few months back. Repeating that doesn't help me to get back on track.

I don't feel satisfaction in the things I do anymore. There's flaws, errors, rush, blaming and lots of questions from others.


 Got some cold blooded reply from my dearest friend as well today.
Which make my day even worst.

Maybe I'm over-react towards what he said, but that proves why he's important to me.
One word enough to shoo me off, shut myself and start sinking.

Well, everyone have bad day, like today.

I will soon forget this I'm very sure. That's the one thing I'm good at, forgiveness.

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