Thursday, March 21, 2013

We want happiness

Once again, I'm amaaaazed by how fast things can change.
Before CNY this year, I will NEVER, ever expect things will turn out this way.
When I thought things will be good, it just go back down, shattered in pieces.

My buddy made a decision yesterday. And I think he's right, he have all the right to do that, no one deserve to suffer. Happiness wins, no one can beat that.

Count one by one, and more to go.
It's sad, this is the place I once have a dream on it, dreaming that we will build an empire by genius, dreams and passion.
But things turn sour, and it rot.

It's not a big problem, but is a pain in the ass.
It's going to end soon, real soon.

Had gin tonic yesterday at the rooftop, and start talking non stop.
Suddenly I realize the beautiful pictures they paint on me, they never come true, not even one.
At least, at some point what he portrayed to me, is not likely the case.
I begin to think, is there some conspiracy?

No one knows, and just keep this not-my-problem attitude.

I will try my best, try whatever I can.


Had so much fun yesterday!
Finally we get together, and have some real good time and good laugh.
These people are not that nerdy as I thought.

Good people, fun people! Why we do this so late!
We should have do this much much earlier!!

We didn't manage to have a picture together, but my cute Ms.C manage to capture 1.

It's sad to think about this is the last we might have, but Mr.P promised (sort of) me we will have a trip again.

I'm gonna make sure that happen!!!

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