Friday, March 22, 2013

Moment like this

Long long day today...
Finally manage to take the pain, I can barely walk.

Long meetings, presentations, discussions, summaries, phone calls.
Finally, back to hotel and lie down.

Start flipping whatsapp and line....still work.

Trying to find someone to talk...accidentally did something stupid, something is way over.
So moment like this, I would just think blank.

Probably the only picture I have for the night.

Moment like this, I missed few days back in Singapore, everyone is so carefree.
Laugh hard, talk loud, but full of happiness.
See, overly attach again.

Can't get over easily with things I cling on. Gonna change that.

Moment like this, I just wish the pain in my head, can be lessen. Wishing someone can grab me to the bathroom and shower for me. Wishing someone to lean on, someone to do some casual talking, asking how's your day? Do some crazy stuff like messing the hotel upside down, watch a stupid movie.

Friday night eh? What are you doing?


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