Sunday, March 10, 2013

Self esteem

It's a norm I have very low self esteem, and I know why.
Since young I'm not the favorite child in the whole family, I'm not the favorite kids in the school, I'm just a normal nerd which people hardly notice about me.

I was fat, nerdy. ugly, wearing specs with pimples all over my face. I was the least cool kid in the secondary school, everyone hang out in the malls but I practice my chinese orchestra in the music room.

People enjoying bf time outside of the school, I'm the one either studying or practicing my instrument.
Never a cool kid, never have high self esteem.

Then things happen, I learn to look upwards.
Trying to worship something call 'Positive thinking', and it helps.
Look at myself a different way, try to change things, try to change the way I treat myself.

But something never change. I might be ok in front of most of the people, but deep inside I know my self esteem is still low.
Still the ugly duckling waiting to transform to a swan, but half way there.

I know how much I deserve. 


Had so much fun in Bangkok!
Sadly tomorrow is the last day to stay in this beautiful place.
Good place, good food with fun people, awesome!

It's kinda unbelievable that I can still keep the bond with my ex colleagues, but they are not only my ex colleagues, they are my friends. My travel mate!

The good time and crazy shopping time are great, will definitely come back again, hopefully with the same people as well!

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