Saturday, March 16, 2013

First Q

There there....
First Q almost ended, and where we are today?

Work, lots of work.
Unfair treatment, people leaving, demands, improvement, being taken for mundane.
People chasing for crazy dateline, hiring, keep hiring... Never ending process.

I describe to a colleague the other day, problems are like...cancer.
It'll always be there. It can't be completely wipe out. But along the years as the cancer increase, it'll attack your immune system and collapse. Unsolved issues feels that way, it stuck in somewhere, stubborn and hard to remove.

Many people given me the same suggestion. But deep down I don't want to be seen like defeated because of those stubborn stain.

Pathetic isn't it? Everyone will have a worn out period, but mine is too soon in my view.
Met up with a senior on Friday night. Somehow I do miss the old days, and his too-late appreciation somehow make me feel grateful for being there for 1 and a half year.

I'm like a floating boat now, there's no direction, just let the wind take me.

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Dream of headpiece yesterday night in my dream. Isn't she gorgeous!
Watched Django Unchained, FINALLY!

Splendid movie, well done Quantin Tarantino!
Compare to his previous movie Inglorious Bastards, this is more like what I love about him, his signature beauty violent. Glamorously portray blood and brutal, with a hint of humor.
His selection of music is brilliant! It suit the mood, but unlike normal Hollywood movie, even the music choice is humorous. 

Must watch! I will definitely watch a second time. 3 thumbs up!

Now, get back to work. On this beautiful Sunday.

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