Thursday, April 4, 2013

One level up

I always quite impressed with myself, how forgetful I can be.

Good and bad, the good thing is I can easily forget about what make me angry, what makes me piss off.

That's why I always write when I'm angry.

Now I've forgotten why am I so pissed on Tuesday =.=

Anyway, I guess is a skill to learn when come to organizing something, and seeking help when helpless.

Feel like I'm a lost boat, floating without any yacht, trying to pull a string over to the coast, but there's no jetty for me.

When everything come at once I will lost my concentration on how to plan, and who to look for.
That resulted a lot of times I'll forget things.

Come back to the same problem, I have so much to do, but can't quantify what are the things I'm doing, or I'm done. They all takes time.

Enough about boring stuff.


It's my dad BIRTHDAY yesterday, called him and he sounds extremely sweet :)
I can imagined his smile is from one end to another.

I had a pre-celebration with him on Saturday night, bought a cake, with family dinner. Bought him a t-shirt and also angpow. Simple as that.

Only sad thing is this is the first time I remember celebrating birthday for my lovely dad. He never home during his birthday. He's always working on his birthday, what we do is buying slice of cake and put in the fridge, wait for him to come back on midnight and eat the cake.

This is the first 'real' birthday he had, on his 61 years sad.

But looking at his happy face satisfied me, he is such a simple person~
A proud daddy who love his family most.

Happy birthday PAPA!

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