Thursday, April 11, 2013

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time, a girl who always full of herself, think that she's the toughest girl in the world, fell.

Tumbling from the tip of the ego and pride, the girl left with broken pieces of herself.

Looking back at the moment when this girl fell, the girl have a sour, bitter feeling, and everything still lingers. The girl tried hard to recall how did she felt like years ago, the brave and fearless feeling. Everything changed.

It's a god sent arrangement, and this is the best outcome.

Thank god for this, there's a new chapter of life, at least you know what it is like, and how to handle next time. Thank god.


Chat with a friend recently, he said he have extremely bad temper recently, total changed person.

I shared with him some of my experienced dealing with Medusa and Bitches...
and i realize, my perception changed.

I really felt grateful that someone in heaven arranged these challenges for me, open up my eyes and wake me up from lullaby.

It help me to grow, force me to learn the way to deal with hardship, look at the bright side, ignorance to difficult people, and find a hint of happiness in every challenges.

Went sing K with friends, while waiting for them I found series of W-inds.' songs from the KTV. I felt so warm, and all of sudden, I'm like a little fan girl sitting on the couch with teary eyes.

They are like comfort food, I just can't eat them.

I spent most of my time during secondary school singing their songs, fighting to download their videos with dial up network, spent dollars to buy their CDs, not to mention I never play them because they are too precious. I even put up their posters in my room just to make myself study, worship like a god. Oh, and dream 10 years later I will be in Japan to watch their performance.

My aim was...2011. Which was 2 years ago. Plan phail.

10 anniversary now, and I liked them for 10 years, maybe a little bit lesser, that make it 9.

How many 9 years can we have? I have only have this one time obsession towards something, and spend some crazy time and printing stupid lyrics, with a highlighter in my hand practicing the romanji.

Learn Japanese, start my Jap frenzy, start reading Jap fashion magazines, Jap music.

Still blessed I guess, manage to pick up some poor Japanese, at laest it's conversational Japanese. 

Kinda fated to see them that night, and also Westlife songs after that. Another boy band which took hell lot of my time obsessing about them. But can't beat W-inds still :P

That's how much you should grow girl. Grow and never fall back.

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