Monday, April 22, 2013

Into you

Recently been surrounding with people leaving, moving forward, and stories about their success.
Mixed feelings seriously.

I come across people who start up at the same ground as I am, have surpass all the other peers and reach to the tip now. Have almost everything, earning a decent wages and live happily.

I wonder how much I can push myself to achieve this.

I have dreams, to buy all the things I want previously, without bother about the price.
Unrealistic I know, because the more you earn, the higher your benchmark will be.

But having seen peers manage to do that, makes me wonder, can I do that? Or am I ready for that?

I'm 26 now, not a young age anymore. Remember how I always want to 'grow up', and now I'm grown.

When I was young, I think 18 is grown up adult. But now I'm 26, facing all the stress a grown adult facing.
Tax, bills, assets, properties, income, household support, election (ubah!), career and life!
My timeline is flooded with election news, #2 is new born babies. SO MANY BABIES.
And they are adorable. Imagine gather all these babies, make them as friends, grow up together, going to trip together...pure happiness.


Since I'm not gonna get one, this is to make me happy at least to look at it.

PS: I got bag strike again...oh Burberry oh...

The first time I got introduce with this brand, was 10 years ago.
It's super silly when I got to see my favorite idol is wearing this super awesome suit, and realize it's Burberry.

Lurking around to see the bag price....ok, juz forget about it.
Then went to ebay and start looking for second hand.
After few days of lurking, I GAVE UP.

It must be insane for me to think of having one stupid expensive bag, and not to think about my unsettle bills, management fees, tax, credit card debt, parents' present and etc.

First thing first, settle the management fee plssss, omg been dragging so long!
Next, your beloved parents. Time to get them something decent.

Flying back tomorrow, I CAAAANT WAIT!

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