Thursday, April 4, 2013


When you are alone, a lot of things you neglected normally will be magnified.

Small things, like where the broom located, the small stain on the wall, the floor map of the canteen, the people passing by.

I have some alone time today, I stop by cybertorium, where everything starts.
I spent a lot of time to work during my college days. When other people are busy hanging out with peeps, I work. Because I like working.

It became something very comforting, going to work, talking, telling people what happening in the school, bad days, good days I will go to office. Even though not working, I will just be there to help out. I felt needed. Cybertorium is where we had most of our events, my learning ground.

None of us can forget that experience, our first working experience. The ups and downs molded who we are today. It's eyes opening, fun and life changing. If I doesn't have that experience before, I might grow up slower.

I still grateful, for meeting great people. Whenever I'm depressed, I will go to that place to just stand there, look back the olden days. How we used to be so passionate about something, doing things and fight so hard for sales.

6 years past, none of us are the same today. But no one can forget what happened last time, because this is our precious experience.


Reading Giddens' story about his dog PUMA, it makes me feel like keeping a dog, a handsome big dog :)


Searched for Pink's video clips last night. I admire her so much after knowing a little bit about her.
She write amazing songs, and the songs she wrote are not bullshit, not club song with just 2 line singing repeatedly for 3 minutes.

The reason why I felt so much about her songs, probably I just been through heart broken, hardship, and reform. Every words she sang is the exact feeling.

Someone asked me before, why do I have to write down all my unhappiness in the blog? Why I need to remembered all these?

Now Pink's song makes perfect sense. She wrote about her hardship, broken relationship, reunion, feelings about love. She can be rock chick, punk, r&b, country, pop, duet, she is good in everything.
I believe all this life experience inspires her. Write them down is not to make us forget, how you feel and how you deal with it. And also to remind yourself, how much you been through and how far you are today.

It's something worth to remember, to remind yourself experience make you grow, what doens't kill you make you stronger.

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