Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Niu Year!!!

Happy chinese niu year to you, you and you!!!

Take more ang pow, drink more beer, eat more ba gua, but stay healthy, eat well, sleep well, enjoy holiday well,drink more water, help your parents with the mess...blah blah blah..

Happy OX year~


chuan said...

your name often reminds me of the call-tabs at Changi SingAirport, 1991:

[ SIN - HEL ]

from Sin to Hell !

actually Singapore flight to Helsinki Finland : )

Moga Tahun Baru anda Meriah Cow Cow !

jiateng said...

add one more thing, WIN MORE MONEY!!!!

weisin said...

Chuan: I just can see the SIN is the only thing related to [SIN-HEL]~HOLA!
Thanks sir :)