Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year, New blog.


I always wanna shift my blog from spaces to Blogspot, but you know la...layyyyziiiinesssss...
Well, finally my spaces is 'retired' , after my years of torture, polution and abuse.
It died because of overloaded of pictures.
Moral of the sotry : never be too greedy! [hai!sensei...]

I started my old poor spaces since March 2007, when everyone is talking about 'blogging'.
I never understand blogging...but for me, it is just a kind of communication, ya'll know, when you need to TALK.
Precisely it is not dead totally, if you happen to drop by my spaces, you can still read the post when you click into 'Archive', there you can see the 'murderer' of my spaces-- photos from Melacca.
If you guys are interested to save photos from there juz go here--
(ok, I give up trying the '1 click straight to the page' thingy. Anyone knows how?)

I started to miss my old blog...there's so much incidents happened and I always feel like growing up when I read back my freaking kelian posts.
Ahem...most of them are darn emo I know, but I really like to write emo things I dunno why.

OK, first post in my blog...wat to blog about leh??? [nervous]
okokok....[clear throat]
so let's talk about new year eve.
It turn out not too bad, although I expected something more meaningful.
Not to say count down at The Curve is not meaningful, but I'm just not in the mood of being with sooooo many people.
Seriosuly, I rather to have a nice dinner with friends, and go somewhere not so crowded and watch fireworks from far, then give each other a new year hug, or bear hug?
Last night was nearly a disaster, but luckily the fireworks save up everything.
It was soo soo soooo pretty where you'll feel like keeping your mouth shut and just keep that moment into your memory. (if only the people at my back not spraying some fake 'snow flakes' on me)

Picture I'll post next time, my crappy camera is so difficult to transfer picture ==

I'll love you my blogspot!

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