Saturday, January 17, 2009

Post exam

Lunch for today...Tori Terriyaki and sashimi Bento+cawan muchi+gyoza+miso soup :)

Saturday, exam day, sleepless night, blurring mode, yellow paper, scatter notes, steamboat, smile. :)
Sunday, day after exam. Today, working.

Blog this in office, because I have to work today.
I am extremely tired yesterday I know, but I can't sleep last night, and I am, again, sekali lagi, mouichidou (Japanese), LATE !!!!
My smart brother wake me up after my alarm rang for 45 freaking minutes!!
Here am I, without make up on my face, came to office merely 10 minutes late. (My head is itchy now...)
I see those who used to see me during event, put up perfect make up, roll big their eyes and look at me, they have to think twice whether they met the same person...LOL
I guess I really look different without make up!

It seems I haven't been in office for long long time.
This place used to be a comfort zone of mine, during intern period.
I used to came here almost everyday after work, first is to work, second is to look for comfort, from those who I care.
Things change a lot you know. People tend to change to someone you don't really know.
Do they feel the changes? Do they know what they lost? Negative.
Now here is nothing more than a work place, and I get tired working here.

Last night when I can't sleep, I know I can't rely on counting bah bah black sheep...
Then I realised: 'hey...I actually completed my advanced diploma!'
Next question is :"What I'm gonna do next?'

[Dulan now...some non related people order me to do things for them. I'M NOT YOUR SLAVE LO TANKIU]

I really no idea what I'm gonna do next.
The closest thing to me, When to come back from CNY, even small things like this I can't really decide.
See, like what happened just now, what if people ask you do something that you not suppose to, and you don't know how to say NO?

I'm sure things like this will happen next time in workplace. And I don't know what to do!!!

People make mistakes without their notice. People don't really know they made mistakes most of the time!
They don't know because they don't think it's not right to do so.
They don't know because no one say :"hey, you can't do this to people, this will hurt their feelings."
They don't know because when the person did something not so ok, everyone will stay quiet and let the wind blows the word away

No one will give this kind of advice to your friend, even he or she is your closest friend.
I truly understand this. Because I won't do this either.
I can't risk my friendship because of other people.
What can you do when the person really hurt your feeling, unintentionally???
Again, is UNINTENTIONAL...means they don't mean that way.
Sometimes I know this deep down in my heart, but still, feelings is really weird.
When you don't feel right, it's like someone punch to your stomach, pinching pain.

Me either, can't avoid hurting others' feeling. And I might not know I hurt them.
Trying my best to become a better person.
Better person for myself, and for those who don't like my way.
It's a bit late to improve I know.
But I'll never walk alone.

waiting for Japanese lunch now...Muahaha.
Waiting to end this boring day.
These are my wuliao thoughts, as usual.

I want to wash my hair lar!!!!

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