Monday, January 19, 2009

Music that rocks me up!

These few days my mind keep playing a song...round and round.

So I'm just wanna share this great artist with you all...(MUST LISTEN I DON'T CARE ><) UVERWorld


a Japanese Rock band known for their mixture of musical genres such as hard rock, electronic, and post-punk.

I believe for those who are die-hard anime fans will be very familiar with this band.
The band made their debut with the single "D-tecnoLife", which served as the 2nd opening theme song for the anime BLEACH.


Eeversince I knew this band, I was so amazed by the voice of the vocalist.
I never knew rock can be so unique.
You can never feel noisy listening to them, there's only power, energy, emotion, passion, love, creative and ROCK.

Takuya--the vocalist, the soul of the band. Bestest rock singer!

He composed and wrote most of the songs for UVERworld.
He's not only sing, but rap as well.
His voice is so unique, that he can interchange his voice between singing and rapping.
Not only that, he has so many different style of singing, you wouldn't believe is come from the same person.

I love most of their songs, but recently I just crazily in love with one of their 11th single


What so special about this band, they not only hard rocking, but also sentimentalizing.
This is a slow tempo song, sentimental and emotive.
From the song I can heard what Takuya really want to tell the listener, his though when he wrote this song.
That is why when I listen to this song I feel the impact from his voice, and also his lyrics.

Lyrics (Japanese-Chinese) :


君に最后に 最后一次
打ち明けた 对你说出心底话
梦の话のことは 之前跟你说的梦想
うまくいっているよ 现在正顺利地实现着
君といるはずだった时间は 本应跟你在一起的时间
仕事に打ち込んだり 不是用在工作上了
仲间と过ごしたり 就是和同伴一起度过了
でもなぜだろう 然而到底是为什么呢
たくさんの人に囲まれているときほど 就算当时被再多的人包围着也好
この世界中で 还是觉得在这世上
一人きりな気がして 只剩我孤独一人
君の姿 探してしまうんだ 不自觉地又寻找你的身影来了

恋いしくて 深深思恋你
君の名を 呼んだ 呼んだ 不停唤著 唤著你的名字
心のままに爱せばよかった 当初有照心意坦率地爱你就好了
"さよなら"の訳を 那个"再见"的意思
何度も缲り返す 重复了无数遍
终わり告げたのに 明知道已经结束了
消せない 却还是无法消失

雨はいつも 就跟往常一样
やむときを 教えてくれずに 雨从不告诉人们何时停下来
ただただ降り続く 只是不停地下著
いつもと同じ 就跟往常一样
时间通りの最终电车の中 准时到达的尾班电车中
寄り添う恋人たち 满是互相依偎的情侣们
ふいに気持ちがあの日と重なる 突然间心情就与那天重曡
思いは褪せずに 思绪丝毫未褪色
时间は経つのに 明明已受时间洗礼
云の晴れない空の 乌云密布的天空
涙がまだ止まらないんだ 雨泪还是停不下来

恋いしくて 深深思恋你
君の名を 呼んだ 呼んだ 不停唤著 唤著你的名字
心のままに爱せばよかった 当初有照心意坦率地爱你就好了
臆病になってたんだ 我因你变得胆怯
たとえば君がそこに咲く花ならば 假如你是某处绽放的花的话
水を注ぎすぎ枯らす 会被我过分浇灌而枯萎
守りすぎて日差し闭ざす 会被我过分保护而远离阳光
分からなくなるほど 都快弄不清楚一样
君のこと 对于你的事情 I miss you
甘すぎる蜜は 就像蜜糖要是太甜
その甘さゆえに嫌われ 反而会因那甜味而生厌
绝妙なバランスが ほら 当完美的平衡 你看
崩れ始めたとき 要开始崩溃的时候
怖くなって 我渐觉害怕
何が大切かを 到底什么才是最重要的
分かった振りして 我假装知道
话してしまった 爱を 结果却令我失去了爱
别れ话出会いの始まりだって 别离其实是相遇的开始
言い闻かせて 谁来教会我
今日も仆は歩いていくけど 虽然今天我还在向前走

恋いしくて 深深思恋你
君の名を 呼んだ 呼んだ 不停唤著 唤著你的名字
心が理解してくれないんだ 心深处还是无法理解
"さよなら"の訳を 那个"再见"的意思
何度も缲り返す 重复了无数遍
终わり告げたのに 明知道已经结束了

今はもう逢えないと 如今已无法再相见
分かっているのに 我明明很清楚
仆はまだ理由を探している 但我却还是在寻找那个理由
"さよなら"の訳を 那个"再见"的意思
何度も缲り返す 重复了无数遍

心に嘘が… 要对内心撒谎…

つけなくて 我做不到


This is a song about a man, who regret what he did to a girl.
Like most of us, he doesn't appreciate this person who love him the most, he spend time on work and friends rather with her.
This song illustrate how regret he is after she's gone, forever.
He never said he love her when they're together, and now he'll never have chance to do that again.
He wanted her back by calling her name times and times, but she'll never back again.
He is breaking down without her, although he know the fact that she'll never back again, but he can't help lying to himself, that he can let her go, but he couldn't.

Each time when they has a new single release, I'll addicted to them times and times.
Their music simply adore me, powerful beat,voice,music.

This is my favourite verse of the song.

不停唤著 唤著你的名字

Normal love song I know.
But when you listen to the way he sing, you'll know what I mean.
You can feel the desperation from his voice no kidding.

Tell me if u like it ")

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