Monday, January 5, 2009


Here I am, in my living room, smell of my home, breeze of IPOH, listening to Seconhand Seranade from 8TV, using my 'super speedy' computer...HOME :)
I've been away from home since last time I went back ipoh.
I miss my mom, my dad, my home, my cousins, foods...
This is how I live my life in Ipoh.

Noon-lunch, nap
Night-dinner, chat with mom, TV

(Did you see any slot for study? I told you so! I'm busy...)

Well, this so called 'study week' for me is truly a 'recharge week'.
I live being a worm at home, expecting dinner from my mom...move around in this 5m x 5m space.

This is where I belong, I guess I don't have much time to enjoy such a leisure, sitting at home doing nothing.
Within a year, we are going to graduate from college.
It's just a blink, eversince I crave for graduation. But now, I don't think I won't be missing times with friends, times I slacking around, and times fill with tears and joy.

Chit chatting with my mom is the best thing in the universe.
We laugh for my cousins funny jokes, looking at the pictures.
And when I wanna show my mom my pictures at Melacca, she said :" I saw already, on your blog right?"
Then I went :"..."
I didn't know my mom checking my blog so regularly.
Then I said:"I changed my blog already."
Mom:"where? Facebook ar?"

Very update hor this aunty ><

Right now, I'm just want to have a good time, resting at home...but missing KL :)

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