Saturday, January 3, 2009


Ip Man I think no one will question about, but what is QC GIRL?
QG=qi guai=奇怪 :) (ta daaaa~~~)
Will come to this later.

Today I went Mid Valley, watched this incredible nice movie--Ip Man.
You can pronounce it as I.P MAN, or you like.
Z2's I.P man gag really funny....haha.
It was so so so nice, every single scene is a climax,promise to catch your attention from the beginning till the end.
I like how the character being acted, very down to earth, a very 'human like' hero character.
After all, I do change my impression towards Donnie Yen, he certainly acted very well in this movie, in both action part and also the essence of the character.
Personally I don't have much feeling to HK movies, I watched a disastrous HK movie last time in cinema, 'Warloards'? forgotten already, but it is so sucks.
This is like the first time I watch a 'nice' HK movie in the CINEMA (you see, I really support original wan...)
Come back to Donnie Yen, I don't really like him actually.
First, he don't look good. Second, I don't like his acting. Third, I don't watch HK movie that much.
But in this movie He totally prove me wrong. He is good in acting, good in fighting, and good LOOKING!!! (I don't know why, I like uncle...muahahaha)
H e's so YENG in this movie. I wonder whether the real Ip Man is that cool...

After the movie, we walked towards the exit.
Here come the QG GIRL story.
We met a freaking weird girl at the exit wtfwtfwtfwtf ==

This pompuan, a bit chubby (above average la her weight), short, wearing yellow color blouse and pearl color pants,pony tail..(OMG, why I can remember so well wan )
like anyone else in the cinema, was so exciting walking out from the cinema.
I wonder whether she was so into the movie, feel like she's another hero from movie...
She walk in front of us, with her friends.
Last moment she was smiling, the next moment she asked her friend:"Is this the fella who kick your chair just now?"
Then the pompuan turn her back and scold us on our face, in Cantonese.
"哇,D人啊,好眉好冒,竟然踢人家个凳, 真是没教养!” (this part I can't recall fully, most probably I still stunted there and my brain went totally blank.)
Both of us STUNNED there for about 3 seconds...
Then we asked each other:"she wasn't scolding us right?"
Because the person in front of us is not freaking female, and I saw it with my own eyes, his leg was NOT touching any chairs throughout the movie damn it.
There's so many people around us you see, and after she finish scolding us (and we are still stunned there), people around us was looking at us.
I feel so insulted because we never did that! I swear I'll defend myself if I know what is happening just now.
Stupid bimbo can't you just talk to the person who kicked our chair DURING the movie and not after the movie.
IF you're educated and civilized, can you just talk nicely to the person with a 'please'?
Can't believe there's such a person!!!! I feel so embarrassed because people around us is looking at us.
After that I feel that she's embarressing herself, rather than embaressing us.
Well, anyway, just...(let it go)don't ever let me see her again ==

Luckily this QG didn't ruin my day. Or else I'll curse her...

Today is not too bad...didn't manage to buy clothes ,but I had a good time.
Shopping is so tiring I know, tankiu tankiu tankiu <3

Hopefully can dig something cheap and nice tomorrow~
(yes, I'm going to shop again tomorrow~yeah!)


jiateng said...

HAHA,that girl is fucking dead person!

Wei Xiang said...

wah lau eh! that girl really damn sohai weii =_=" JT too shocked to want to diu back edi i think ... next time see her together tiu her!

szetooweiwen said...

hahahaha raisin you are sooooooooo funny! and i just watched IP MAN yesterday yesterday it is so freaking gooooooooooooood! keep on writing okay gambatteh! study for exams also hahaha see you when you get back here okie : )