Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Back to KL

Monday, 4.30AM, Honda CRV, My Dearest Uncle.
Monday,6.30 AM, Proton Greeny, Panda eyes and pluffy Face :)

Here I am, back to KL like...3 days? (My maths is good u know)
Ipoh is seriously boring without a car.
and I am freaking anti social back in Ipoh.
I know I can go meet friends, but without a car i usually don't date people wan lo...

I am freaking regret I waste so much time back in Ipoh.
But you know....when you lying on your couch, and the pillow is so soft, the weather is so good, and no one disturb you, you will wanna just sleep your ass off rite? rite? rite?
ok, don't care.

The fact is I already wasted so much time at home, and I'm gonna waste some more here.
Keep telling myself that I can't study at day time...haha
But i know it's a excuse la.

My computer kena the stupid bastard spyware, and my 'brilliant' housemate just check my net speed from his laptop, and found out my computer has spyware.
Everyone knows computer is our life!
I can't ask anyone to help me format the computer, so I have to DIY.
Well, I have no idea at all how to format a PC, so I googled a lot of tutorial on how to format a PC at home.
I format like 3/4 times? No idea, and the PC is just not right!
everything is so wrong, cannot online, the previous files are still there, no sound from my PC...and so many more.
But still I manage to format this fella finally la...But now I have 2 OS in my PC now...swt.
I think I'm gonna buy a laptop and throw this back to my dad?
Haha :)

Ah...I experience a weird thing these days.
I changed my pillow, and this pillow really make me had a lot of weird weird dreams.
This morning when I still sleeping, I had a horrible terrible dream.
It's about my dad...and after I woke up from screams, I called my dad, make sure he is ok.
I feel so darn comfortable when I hear his voice...the stupid dream scare the hell of me ==
This is not the first time I had weird dream, ever since I change my pillow...
Should I take my pillow to temple? XD

This is just a boring post...Just to update my blog.
Well, guess I 'm gonna start study...(nah!!!!)
LOL, yeah, I is am gonna start study...haha!

Happy study folks!

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