Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Deadly sins

I kinda have a few late night sleeps these days.
Partly because of homework, but other than that we just chat and chat.
We look back the people we used to see, used to hang out with.
We come across the tremendous changes of life and people's attitude towards life.

We notice someone who wil never get angry, get angry all the time now.
We see those who just want to be simple in their life become extremely complicated.
We see people always like to be the cream and scream at others.
We see people who think they are the cream, and give wrong instructions.
We notice people play dirty, we see more sorrows.

All these are bugging me, perhaps the environment here is forcing people to change.
Last night I received an email from a person who can't let go the past.
Ironicly, to keep ourself out of people's hurting is to ignore and to mind our own business.
The frind of mine certainly don't get this.
The humanity are vulnerable here, what you see is mostly not the truth.

If there are 7 deadly sins...a lot of them are commited these.
I'm not saying I'm perfect, but the feeling is so strong from surrounding.
Seeing people not only me, who suffer from the same problem, the changes.
Talks to those who I seldom talk to, notice they are those who changed less.
They change just because of wanted to protect themselves, and they learn that for a great price.

The ideal public sphere just like Habermas suggest is never exist.
There's always selfishness exist.

I wonder how would we become after this??
A stronger person definitely. Good or Bad.

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